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$12 Rabies (1 Year)

$39 Rabies (3 Year)

(For your pet to receive a 3 year Rabies vaccination their last Rabies vaccination cannot be expired by more than 30 days you MUST provide proof of their last Rabies vaccination. The first time a pet receives a Rabies vaccination it will be a 1 year vaccine.)

$25 DA2PP/Cvk

$49 DAP (3 year)

$25 Bordetella

$49 H3N8/H3N2 (Bivalent)

$25 Leptospirosis

$35 Lymevax

$5 Puppy/Kitten Deworm

$15 Adult Pet Deworm

$35 Heartworm Test

$35 FVRCP/Felv

$25 Feline Bordetella

$3 Bio-medical Diposal Fee PER PET

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** Heartworm Prevention Important Information **
All dogs must have proof of a negative heartworm examination before dispensing heartworm preventive. A negative heartworm exam entitles your pet to twelve doses per year of heartworm preventive. The first dose must be purchased within thirty days of the negative heartworm exam. If your pet has missed any monthly doses of heartworm preventive, he/she will need a heartworm examination before EZ Pet Low Cost Vaccination Clinic will dispense more heartworm preventive. For a refill, we must see proof of negative heartworm test and proof of prior heartworm preventive medication purchase.

FREE Heartworm test plus applicable manufactures rebate on

- 1 year purchase of Simparica Trio

- 1 year purchase of Trifexis

- 1 year purchase of Bravecto or Credelio plus 12 months of Heartgard Plus

- ProHeart 12 plus 12 months of Bravecto or Credelio

Heartworm Prevention

Heartgard Plus (6 pack)

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Heartgard Plus is a real-beef chewable tablet made tablet for dogs that provides protection against heartworms, and treats and controls roundworms and hookworms. Heartgard Plus is given monthly.
Up to 25 lbs $48
25 lbs – 50 lbs $58
51 lbs – 100 lbs $68
Single Dose $15


***New Product***


ProHeart 12

A convenient once a year injection. So you don't have to worry about forgetting a monthly dose and leaving your best friend exposed to heartworm disease. For pets 12 months of age and up.

Up to 25 lbs $99

26 lbs - 51 lbs $125

51 lbs - 100 lbs $150

101 lbs - 125 lbs $175

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Flea Prevention

NexGard 6 Pack


NexGard Chews for Dogs are vet-recommended and FDA-approved to kill adult fleas fast before they have a chance to lay eggs. This product is also FDA-approved to help prevent Lyme infections as a direct result of killing black-legged ticks. Each fast-acting chew provides safe and effective protection, killing fleas and ticks for a full month. And the chews are easy to give because dogs love the delicious beef flavor—you may even give them to your dog with or without food! Each NexGard bite-sized monthly dose is gentle enough to give to puppies and dogs as young as 8 weeks, weighing as little as 4 pounds.  

 All Sizes $135


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 Provides up to 12 WEEKS of protection from fleas and ticks and terminates 98.7% within 24 hours. Each dose is a yummy flavored chew that most pets will readily eat.

Now available as a topical for cats!

 $10 rebate for (2) Boxes (6 months)

 $25 rebate for (4) boxes (1 year)

Visit and use code BRAVO23


Bravecto Plus

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Bravecto Plus for cats 

All of the benefits of Bravecto with heartworm prevention

All sizes $65

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Heartworm and Flea Prevention

Bravecto Plus

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All the benefits of Bravecto with heartworm prevention


Trifexis (6 pack)

Trifexis is a monthly chewable tablet for dogs from the makers of Comfortis. Trifexis kills fleas and prevents flea infestations, treats and controls hookworms, whipworms and roundworms, and prevents heartworm disease. Trifexis is for use in dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age or older and 5 pounds of body weight or greater.

 5 lbs – 10 lbs $120
 10 lbs – 20 lbs $125
 20 lbs – 40 lbs $130
 40 lbs – 60 lbs $135
 60 lbs – 120 lbs $140
 Single Dose $30

$20 rebate on 6 months 

Visit and use code TFX2023

Simparica Trio (6 pack)


Simparica Trio protects dogs against heartworms, ticks, fleas, roundworm, and hookworm. It is safe for puppies as young as 8 weeks. Simparica Trio has a 92% palatability rate. (dogs love it!) It starts to kill fleas within 4 hours with 100% effectiveness within 8 hours. Simparica Trio kills ticks within 24 hours. It is the only oral, palatable all in one product for heartworms, intestinal parasites, and fleas and ticks.  

5.6 - 11 lbs $149

11.1 - 22 lbs $159

22.1 - 44 lbs $159

44.1 - 88 lbs $169

88.1 - 132 lbs $179  

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Sentinel Spectrum (6 pack)


Sentinel Spectrum® (milbemycin oxime/lufenuron) protects dogs against heartworms, roundworms and hookworms, plus whipworms, tape worms and fleas in a beefy chew. One a month is all it takes.

 2 lbs – 8 lbs $51
 9 lbs – 25 lbs $57
 26 lbs – 50 lbs $63
 51 lbs – 100 lbs $71

$7 rebate for 6 months

$25 rebate for 12 months

Visit and use code SENTINEL23

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